Transforming Your Image with Professional Alterations

Houston’s best tailors! When it comes to alterations, Memorial Tailors & Bridal exceeds anybody’s expectations of Fit and superb quality of our alterations. Our professional team can perform alterations on any piece of clothing that doesn’t fit right.

Alterations can truly change and modify your image, specially when you get a perfect fit on your garments. Alterations can transform your whole look with just a few simple adjustments, like take seams in or fixing the length, Our Houston Tailors fit each garment exactly to your specific needs.

We can tailor your old suits back into style or use alterations to make your new suits feel custom made.  We apply over 40 years of extensive experience and knowledge in both traditional and contemporary alterations.  We will make your whole wardrobe feel as if it were designed just for you. Don’t know how a suit should fit? We will walk you through the latest trends and show you what’s the best look for your body type.

How about your dress shirt and suit? We will totally transform your look, simply by taking the sides to give you a flattering shape and structured look. A proper fitting shirt under a tailored suit coat will give you that that distinguished look without having to buy expensive clothes. Some of the most common alteration needs can have the most dramatic and beneficial results.

Let’s talk about Jeans! Jeans have become the new black pants in today’s fashion. With jean alterations, we can make any jeans look phenomenal by adjusting the waist, sides and length. Are your jeans out of style now? Alterations will make any pair look and feel like designer denim as we bring them back into current fashion. Are your jeans too wide? No problem. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on new jeans. We have been doing original hems on jeans since the trend hit the market!

You may have clothes in your closet that looked great on the hanger but disappoint on your figure, let us work our magic with alterations and show you how we can transform your look. 

Are you in a hurry? We offer same day alterations service while you wait on many garments. Go ahead, run your errands while we work on your garment and pick back up on the same day. 

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