Same Day Service

Emergency Tailoring: Same-Day Solutions for Last-Minute Events

Have an “I need an alteration done TODAY!” emergency? No Worries!! Memorial Tailors offers same day service; and in some cases, can even get it done while you wait!

Here at Memorial Tailors, we understand TIME is very valuable. We know sometimes you have a party to go to or on a very special date and are short on time. We can help get you out of that bind!!

Memorial Tailors can complete most basic alterations the same day or while you wait. Have a “my wedding dress doesn’t fit” emergency on the day before your Wedding? We can help!

Need a pair of pants hemmed? Most of the time we can have your pant alterations done in 10 minutes less, no kidding!

Have a shirt that is not slim enough and need it done today? Maybe you have a dress that is too big and too long. We can get it done with our same day alterations service!

Not able to wait on it for it to be altered? Drop it off and we can also get it delivered back to you later that day (Additional fees apply).

Come experience for yourself why Memorial Tailors has been Voted Houston’s Best Tailors!

Bridal Alterations


Same Day Service

Need a quick stitch? We’ve got same-day service!

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