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Book an appointment with our Dance alterations specialist.  We have worked with all the Houston Pro Dance teams and look forward to serving you. Our tailors have over 50 years of combined experience in the alterations industry.  Our team is here and ready to help get your dance outfit to fit you perfectly.  If you have any questions, please give us a call!


Memorial Tailors has been designing custom uniforms for the professional dance teams in Houston since 2002.  We create unique designs with top quality garments to make each cheerleader confident and fabulous in the way she looks.


Tryouts in Houston are a big deal!  Hundreds of girls get ready each and every year to be a part of our great city’s sports teams: NFL, NBA, MLS, and College. We create unique, one of a kind fully custom design. We use the best possible fabrics to deliver a unique outfit to showcase your talent and beauty.

Professional Dance Teams

At Memorial Tailors we take pride in designing and producing quality performance uniforms for pro dance teams.  Memorial Tailors produces all of our garments to requested specifications, outfitting entire teams sometimes in 2 weeks or less.

If your Team Director doesn’t quite know which direction to go, please give us a call and we will provide a free consultation and guide you in order for your team to have the best possible uniforms.

Fitness Competition Outfits

– Custom Fit Suits
– Theme Wear
– Remodeling your existing suits and costumes
– Embellishing any outfit

Our Unique Process

We love being a partner in bringing your custom ideas to life. We go through a 3 step process to ensure your satisfaction!


We love collaborating with our customers! Need a custom piece? Dress? Swimsuit? Costume? or Something completely out of this world? We are up for the challenge! We will brainstorm with you to create detailed sketches of your unique outfit.


This is where it goes from paper to scissors! In this stage we bring your idea to life! We use the sketches as our map to your one of a kind piece! We tweak and refine in this step to ensure the perfect outcome.


This is the SMILE stage! All that hard work and brainstorming to produce a custom made, unique outfit that everyone will enjoy seeing you wear. We are more than just a regular alteration tailor shop, we are your partner in creating unique outfits that will leave everyone smiling.