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What is the difference between a tailor shop and an alteration shop?

Tailor shops offer a more diverse selection of services such as custom pieces, accessories, bridal alterations and much, much more. Alterations shops only handle simple alterations.

What makes Memorial Tailors different from other Tailors?

At all Memorial Tailors Houston locations, we can handle it all. From small repairs to big reconstructions of garments, such as Wedding dresses, all wedding parties’ dresses and suits, as well as all formal wear. From simple Satin fabrics, to bead and sequence, when it comes to alterations and special projects, look no further than the best tailors in Houston! Memorial Tailors alterations can help you achieve just about any look you can imagine!

Does Memorial Tailors guarantee their work?

We stand behind ALL our work! We always do what we say we will do. If all the professional teams in Houston trust us with their custom uniforms, you can too!  You will not find a better place for all your tailoring needs.

Does Memorial Tailors have same day service?

YES! No other Tailor or Alteration shop in Houston can offer what we do when it comes to same day service alterations! We specialize in working with emergencies with sensitive schedules.

If you have a rush emergency, we offer a rush service to get your clothes ready for whatever occasion you may need. Weddings, meetings, Job Interviews, a special date, Funerals, parties, Church and much more.

Is there any type of garments/alterations Memorial Tailors does not take/work on?

Although we do not offer full custom formal or wedding dresses, we do however reconstruct, redesign and reshape any gown, dress or outfit you can imagine. This also applies to men’s suits, slacks or tuxedos.

But we do offer custom vest, shirts, bowties, ties, hankies, monogramming, redesign and reconstruction of any men’s garments from top to bottom – including leather, denim, corduroy and more.

When you are looking for the best in Houston alterations, Memorial Tailors will deliver the highest quality work for all our customers.

Do I have to make an appointment?

We welcome all walk in appointments.  We do, however, recommend making an appointment for Bridal dresses consultations to ensure our bridal expert is here to answer all you questions.  Click here to make a bridal dress alterations appointment.

Do I have to try the cloths on at the shop or can I just tell you what size to make it? What if I bring in another garment to match?

We prefer you come to us and try the clothes here at the shop. This will allow us to get accurate measurements as well as ideas on to how to alter your garment to make it fit as desired.  For the best alterations in Houston, come check us out!

Can you do alterations on Jeans, such as reduce the waist or hem maintaining original stitching?

Yes! We specialize in jeans alterations! Our jean experts can do it all: reduce waist, seat, legs, original hems as well as taper legs to make it more modern or turn your old jeans into skinny jeans.

Can you replace zippers?

We can replace any zipper, on bags, pants, jackets, letter jackets, school uniforms, formal and dresses.  Our Houston Alterations experts can do it all!

Can you taper the legs of a pair of pants?

Yes we can definitely taper the legs of your pants, jeans and leggings.  Come see why we have been voted multiple times as Houston’s Best Alterations.

Can you guys work on leather jackets?

Absolutely, we work on all types of leather Jackets and pants.  Bring all your leather alterations to Houston’s Best Tailors.

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Bridal FAQ

What are the steps a bride should take to get the perfect fitting gown?

We recommend that all brides start with our free in store consultation. We will discuss fitting, options and cost estimate. We strongly recommend brides to shop around the different alterations shops as most bridal store alterations cost up to 40% more at the store where it was purchased. Typically, the seamstress at bridal stores are also limited to what they are able to do.

Book a bridal dress alterations appointment to start the journey to your dream wedding dress!

How long in advance should I get alteration done?

We recommended three months before the wedding. This will allow have enough time to do any necessary alterations to avoid stress about time.

At Memorial Tailors we work around your schedule. In some cases, there are bridal alterations we can get done in as little as 24 hours if we absolutely need to. However, we do not recommend waiting that long unless it is an absolute emergency.

Come see why we are Houston’s Best Alteration shop!

What should I bring at the time of my consultation?

Along with your bridal dress bringing your shoes are a must!

We also know brides usually have many questions and problems regarding bridal dress bras. We use our many years of experience to answer all your bridal bra questions. We consider many factors such fabric, texture, amount of support needed, location of boning, back style, neck line and more before we recommend the type you should buy at a store. Most stores are only interested in selling you a bra whether you need one or not. So please let us recommend a bra based on your specific needs.

Come see why we are Houston’s Best at Wedding Gown alterations.

What is the most overlooked alterations?

The most overlooked bridal alteration is the bustle. Very few brides are not familiar with the term “bustle”, but that is where we come in! A bustle is an important part of the bridal dress. It is used to maintain the train off of the floor, so you can move around without having to hold the dress in your hands the entire night. Bustles can be very intricate and can vary in shape. Factors such as length and shape of the train will dictate the right bustle for your dress. At Memorial Tailors our ultimate goal with the bustle is to make your look and feel amazing without changing the style of the dress.

Houston’s Best Tailor Shop!

How much does bridal dress alterations cost? And can I get a quote by the phone?

No skilled Tailor or Seamstress can provide an absolute bridal dress alteration cost without seeing the dress on the bride. Sure, we can provide a wide range over the phone, but this is just a rough estimate range and actual cost could be less or more once we see the dress on the bride. An accurate cost estimate will be provided at the time of your free in store bridal consultation. Cost factors are dependent on the dress style and amount of work needed to make your bridal dress a perfect fit.

Click here to make a Bridal Dress Consultation Appointment:

Bridal Dress Alteration Appointment