I went in to hem the suit pants that I had recently bought. Once I informed that I won't be able to come back until few days later, he stated that he can do it in a few minutes if I had time to wait. He was done in about 5 min!!!! The price is very reasonable and they're very friendly and professional. I would definitely be returning back to them even though the place not the closest and will definitely recommend them.
Mario and Charlie are quite simply the best. Very creative, efficient, and their prices are very fair. I have had them alter shirts, pants, jerseys, jackets...and everytime they do awesome work. I recommend these guys hands down.
We absolutely LOVE Mario and Charlie! I got my wedding dress altered here and both of them were absolutely wonderful! Any issues we found Charlie fixed right away! They were soooooo great I also brought in all my bridemaids and my rehearsal dinner dress. I wish I could posts pics of my review, because Charlie and Mario also helped my vision of the perfect veil com to life. I bought the materials and it was a few shades off from the dress. Mario worked until it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT~ I know send my husband to them for alteration needs.
While shopping in-store is ideal, due to my busy schedule, online designer shopping is what I do most. I am a petite woman so sometimes fashion isn't made for someone my size. Since nearly everything is about 1-2 sizes too large or too long for me, I have to invest in a good tailor. I have been coming to Memorial Tailors for years now and not once have I walked away dissatisfied. I've had numerous items tailored like blazers, jeans, trousers and all kinds of dresses. The staff at Memorial Tailors gives me suggestions, is knowledgeable about fabrics and trends, determines the best fit for my figure and tells me if an alteration is necessary. Finding a tailor that will give me an honest opinion is Golden. Trust me I've had past tailors who just did the adjustments, nothing more nothing less, and ended up not really loving the look. Their work not only speaks for itself but Mario and Charlie are friendly, make me feel comfortable, their prices are reasonable (remember the cheaper you go, the less quality you get) and has a fast turnaround. I refer all my friends, family and co-workers to them. I spend major bucks on my wardrobe and expect it to look polished. When my clothes fit great; I feel great! With benefits like these, who wouldn't want to live the tailored life?
They are fast and convenient MetroPark spoke highly of them. I needed my 3 jeans and my girlfriend's dress altered, we both made it there an hour before they closed and took very good care of my girlfriend and I. They marked our cloths and I asked if i could get them before they closed, within 30 min they had our cloths ready and it fit great. Loved there customer service and there prices were reasonable especially since i needed them ASAP.. now i know why MetroPark ment by they are the best. Thanks guys...