Feel Confident that you'll be treated like a Star

From the second you walk into our store, not only by being approached by friendly faces, but by putting our knowledge and experience to work for you!

Memorial Tailors has been designing custom uniforms for most of the professional dance teams in Houston TX since 2002, providing them with a unique design and a quality garment that makes each cheerleader confident that she looks fabulous.


Providing the Best Dance Outfits

Rockets Dancers

We are the prime designers for the Houston Rockets. The majority of the outfits worn on the court have been designed by us.

Texans Dancers

Sine 2001, Mario has been designing unique tryout outfits for such a big event in Texas.

Dynamo Dancers

The Forever Orange team has brought such high energy to Houston. Here at Memorial Tailors, we are proud to say we sponsors the Dynamo girls.

Personal Solutions

Professional Dance Teams

If your Team Director doesn't quite know which direction to go, please give us a call and we will give you a free consulation and guide you so your team can have the best uniform possible so that your girs will look amazing.