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Ask anyone in Houston where to get alterations done and you'll be sure to hear memorial tailors. What are alterations? Alterations are what we do to modify and perfect your garment. Alterations can transform your whole look with just a few simple adjustments. Our Houston Tailors fit each garment exactly to your specific needs.

We can Tailor your old suits back into style and Alterations can make your new Suits feel Custom Made, by applying our extensive knowledge of traditional and contemporary Alterations and many years of tailoring experience in Houston we can fit your whole wardrobe like it was designed just for you. Don't know how a suit should fit? We can definitely show you.

Jeans became the new black pant in today's fashion, and with alterations your jeans can look phenomenal by adjusting the waist, sides and length. Are your jeans out of style now? Alterations will make any pair look and feel like designer denim and bring them back in to current fashion. Are they too wide? No problem. A simple jean alteration will make those legs skinny, no need to spend hundreds of dollars on new jeans. We have been doing Houston's best original hem on jeans since the trend hit the market, we truly know how this alteration needs to look.

Dress shirt and suit coat alterations can totally transform your look, simply by taking the sides in we can give you a flattering shape and structured look. A proper fitting shirt under a tailored suit coat will make your clothes look expensive and you look distinguished. Some of the most common alteration needs can have the most dramatic and beneficial results.?

You may have clothes in your closet that looked great on the hanger but disappoint on your figure, let us work our magic on alterations and show you how we can change that.

Are you in a hurry? We can do your alterations while you wait, and if you have errands to run we are conveniently located in the same shopping center as HEB, on Bunker Hill and I-10 W, Houston 77055, so you can multitask while we tailor your clothes.

Our Alteration prices are competitive, the best alterations in Houston for the quality, and we proudly stand behind our quality work.

Give us a chance to show you what doing alteratios on your clothes will do for your image and attitude. No one needs to buy expensive clothes, when they fit well, they look expensive.

Come visit our store and experience Houston's most refined quality tailoring, friendly faces, and prices that will please your wallet.

Did we mention we do alterations on your kids and dogs clothes? We can alter anything your kids and lovely pets can wear, School Uniforms, Band Uniforms, Cheerleading and more does your four legged friend needs an outfit? We can make a one of kind costume. Need cushions, pillows and drapes? We got you covered also.

Houston's finest Tailor and Alteration Shop....come see for yourself.

What People Say About Us
I went in to hem the suit pants that I had recently bought. Once I informed that I won't be able to come back until few days later, he stated that he can do it in a few minutes if I had time to wait. He was done in about 5 min!!!! The price is very reasonable and they're very friendly and professional. I would definitely be returning back to them even though the place not the closest and will definitely recommend them.
- A Google user
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